Are You Garbage Podcast Questions List

Are You Garbage Podcast Questions List

If you’re a fan of comedy podcasts, you’ve probably heard of the “Are You Garbage” podcast. Hosted by comedians Kevin Ryan and H. Foley, this hilarious show explores the question of whether or not people are “garbage” based on their upbringing and life experiences. Each week, they invite a guest to answer a series of questions that reveal a lot about their past and present habits. The result is a side-splitting journey through the lives of the podcast’s guests.

Are You Garbage Podcast Questions List


Here are the top 10 questions frequently asked on the “Are You Garbage” podcast:

Question Explanation
Have You Ever Owned a Waterbed? This question sheds light on the guest’s taste in furniture and their willingness to take risks, as waterbeds are known for being unconventional and high-maintenance.
Did You Have a Jacuzzi? Having a jacuzzi is often associated with a certain level of affluence and luxury, so this question delves into the guest’s upbringing and lifestyle.
What Kind of Car Did You Learn to Drive In? The type of car a person learned to drive in can reveal a lot about their family’s financial status and the guest’s preferences when it comes to automobiles.
Did You Have a Chain Link Fence? Chain link fences are often linked to working-class neighborhoods, so this question aims to uncover the guest’s background and the environment they grew up in.
Have You Ever Utilized a Carport? Carports are commonly found in suburban and rural areas, so this question can provide insights into the guest’s residential situation and their upbringing.
Did You Have a Basement? The presence of a basement in a guest’s home can reveal their living situation and the geographical region they come from, as basements are more prevalent in certain areas.
Were You Ever a Paperboy? Having a paper route is a classic job for teenagers, and it can give a glimpse into the guest’s work ethic and financial situation during their formative years.
Have You Ever Milked a Cow? This question is a fun way to uncover whether the guest has ever had experiences with farm life or rural activities.
Did You Ever Have a Koi Pond? Koi ponds are often associated with homeowners with meticulous outdoor spaces, so this question provides insight into the guest’s lifestyle and living arrangements.
What Was Your Childhood Grocery Store? The grocery store a person frequented as a child can reflect their family’s shopping habits and the community they grew up in.

These questions are designed to entertain the podcast’s audience while giving the guest a chance to reflect on their past and share humorous anecdotes. The “Are You Garbage” podcast has gained a dedicated following for its lighthearted yet revealing approach to exploring people’s backgrounds.

So, if you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to or simply enjoy a good laugh, give the “Are You Garbage” podcast a try. You never know, you might resonate with some of the questions and find yourself reflecting on your own “garbage” moments!


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