How to Stop Google Podcasts from Automatically Playing on Android

How to Stop Google Podcasts from Automatically Playing on Android

Google Podcasts is a popular app that allows users to discover, subscribe to, and listen to their favorite podcasts. However, many Android users have experienced the frustration of the app automatically playing podcasts when they connect their headphones or Bluetooth devices. This can be annoying, especially if you prefer to manually select what you want to listen to. The good news is that there are solutions to prevent Google Podcasts from automatically playing on your Android device. In this article, we will explore how you can stop this behavior and have better control over your podcast listening experience.

Disable Autoplay in Google Podcasts

The first and most straightforward way to stop Google Podcasts from automatically playing on your Android device is to disable the autoplay feature within the app. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Google Podcasts app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the “Settings” option, usually represented by a gear icon.
  3. Look for the “Playback” or “Autoplay” settings within the app.
  4. Toggle off the autoplay feature to prevent podcasts from playing automatically.

By following these simple steps, you can take control of when you want to start playing podcasts in the Google Podcasts app, eliminating the annoyance of unexpected playback.

Adjust System Settings

If disabling autoplay within the Google Podcasts app doesn’t fully solve the issue, you can also make adjustments within the system settings of your Android device. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your Android device.
  2. Find and select “Apps” or “Applications” from the list of options.
  3. Locate and tap on the Google Podcasts app.
  4. Within the app settings, look for “Permissions” or “Advanced settings.”
  5. Disable any permission related to autoplay or automatic playback.

By revoking the necessary permissions, you can prevent Google Podcasts from initiating automatic playback when you connect your headphones or Bluetooth devices to your Android phone or tablet.

Use a Different Podcast App

If the above methods do not resolve the autoplay issue to your satisfaction, you can also consider using an alternative podcast app available on the Google Play Store. There are many podcast apps that offer advanced playback controls and customization options, allowing you to have a more tailored listening experience without the inconvenience of automatic playback.

App Name Description
Spotify A music and podcast streaming platform with customizable playlists and podcast recommendations.
Stitcher Offering on-demand streaming and a vast library of podcasts, including exclusive content.
Player FM Allows users to discover and listen to a wide range of podcasts based on their interests and preferences.

Exploring different podcast apps can help you find one that aligns with your preferences and provides the playback experience you desire without the hassle of automatic playback.

How to Stop Google Podcasts from Automatically Playing on Android


Final Thoughts

Dealing with automatic playback in Google Podcasts can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can regain control over your listening experience on your Android device. Whether it’s through adjusting app settings, system permissions, or exploring alternative podcast apps, there are effective ways to stop Google Podcasts from automatically playing. By implementing the solutions discussed in this article, you can enjoy your favorite podcasts on your own terms, with the freedom to start and stop playback whenever you choose.

Remember, your podcast listening experience should be enjoyable and tailored to your preferences, and with the abundance of options available, you can find the perfect solution to suit your needs.


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