What Happened to Annie from Morbid Podcast

What Happened to Annie from Morbid Podcast

What Happened to Annie from Morbid Podcast

If you’re a true crime enthusiast, then you’re likely familiar with the popular podcast “Morbid”. The show is hosted by Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelso, who have garnered a massive following due to their in-depth research and engaging storytelling.

Who is Annie?

Among the regular co-hosts, Annie, short for Annamanic, was a beloved contributor to the Morbid Podcast. Her wit, humor, and unique perspective added a special dimension to the show, making her a fan favorite.

What Happened to Annie?

In January 2021, Annie took a step back from the podcast, much to the disappointment of her fans. Her absence left many listeners wondering about the reasons behind her departure and what she might be up to now.

Health Concerns

Rumors suggested that health issues may have played a role in Annie’s decision to leave the podcast. While there has been no official statement on this matter, it’s important to respect her privacy and send positive thoughts her way.

New Pursuits

Another possibility is that Annie may have chosen to explore new opportunities and interests outside the podcast. As a multi-talented individual, she could be engaging in various creative ventures or personal endeavors.

Staying Connected

Despite her absence from the podcast, Annie remains active on social media, interacting with fans and sharing updates about her life. This has reassured many of her supporters who continue to send her love and encouragement.

What Happened to Annie from Morbid Podcast

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Support from the Morbid Community

Throughout this transition, the Morbid Podcast community has shown unwavering support for Annie. Listeners have expressed their understanding of her decision and have shared heartwarming messages, reminiscing about the memorable moments she brought to the show.

Final Thoughts

While Annie’s absence has undoubtedly left a void in the Morbid Podcast, her impact on the true crime community continues to be felt. Her wit and charm are remembered fondly, and fans eagerly anticipate any future involvement she may have with the show.


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